The call for papers is hereby opened for the international workshop “Elevating life into concept. In memory of Jacinto Rivera de Rosales”, that will be held from 9-11 November 2022 in the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Valencia. 

All contributions on classical German philosophy are welcome. Particularly appreciated are the originals on the intellectual itinerary and the works of the Spanish philosopher Jacinto Rivera de Rosales, recently deceased († 15.10.2021).

A group of friends and colleagues of Rivera de Rosales prepared from 2019 a homage that now becomes posthumous. With this call, the organisers want to open a wider space both for personal memory and celebration of the classical German philosophy.

PhDs will submit title and abstract (100 words maximum), together with academic affiliation, until 22 April 2022 to the email address kv2022@uv.es. Authors who are not PhD will also submit the whole text of the paper, according to the guidelines of the Revista de Estudios Kantianos. For each paper there will be 30 minutes of exposition and 15 minutes of debate. The documents will be redacted in Spanish, Valencian / Catalan, German, Italian, French, Portuguese or English. Notice of acceptance will be given before 22 June 2022.

The edition of originals is planned in two ways. The contributions that are received before summer 2021 will be published both in printed format and in e-book. Those which are approved after this call for papers will appear in a monographic section of the Revista de Estudios Kantianos

Valencia 1st November 2021



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